Our ability to be the best coffee shop in Nashville comes down to how much we care about our coffee and making sure we give each customer the best cup of coffee posible. Get the best coffee in Nashville. Our coffee beans are freshly roasted yesterday and sourced by means of fair trade methods. Fair trade coffee makes sure that everyone is compensated in the process. It makes sure that the coffee growers from around the world are compensated fairly and justly. We offer a wide variety of specialty coffees that include espressos, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes, americanos and hot chocolate. Our goal is to get Nashville going in the morning so that way at least your morning starts correctly. Our little Nashville coffee shop is located next to Opryland Hotel so for easy convience come over when you wake up and get your day started right. Coffee roasted locally always tastes better some come in to Dish Dish Goose to get the day started. Whether you are a local to Nashville or a first time vistor to Nashville we look forward to seeing you and putting a smile on your face.

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